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Why are pumps with Neodymium magnets better than pumps with standard magnets?

Neodymium magnets are made from an alloy of neodymium, iron, and boron, and are known for their high magnetic strength and durability. They are often used in small, high-performance motors and generators, as well as in pumps and other mechanical devices.

One reason that pumps with neodymium magnets may be considered better is that they can be smaller and more efficient than pumps with standard magnets. This is because neodymium magnets have a higher energy density, meaning that they can produce the same magnetic field as a larger standard magnet, but in a smaller size. This can make neodymium-magnet pumps more compact, lighter, and easier to use in applications where size and weight are important considerations.


Lifegard Aquatics was one of the first companies to introduce Neodymium magnets in its Quiet One Pumps back in 2002. This upgrade made their pumps energy efficient, reliable and with a small footprint yet very high-performance.

These pumps are available in several sizes from 16 gallons per hour to 1875 gallons per hour. They are used for aquariums, ponds, hydroponics, fountains, fish farming and many other sectors.

Lifegard Neodymium magnets impellers are fully incased in hard PVC casing to prevent any interaction of water with metal. This helps keep the sensitive aquatic environment in balance without any worry of metals leaching out into the eco system.

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