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A Multi-Stage Filter with (Replaceable) Multi-Stage Filter Cartridges

Lifegard Hang On Filters HOF Seriesuses proprietary replacement filter cartridges that are sold in packages of two (Part # R460110). Each filter chamber has grooves on each side that act as guides for Lifegard’s filter cartridges to slide perfectly into. Press the cartridge from the top so it pushes downward all the way in for a snug fit. 

Lifegard Aquatics filter cartridges will satisfy the filtration needs for most aquarists. Because the cartridges were designed specifically for our hang-on filters, water does not flow alongside, around, or underneath—but through them. We meticulously engineered our filters so that water does not bypass the media. Water touches the entire surface area of each cartridge so their lifecycle is substantially longer. Users will appreciate the fact that they won’t have to buy and change media as often as they would with other hang-on power filters in this class. Get more bang for your buck with a filter constructed to suck up more muck and nasty junk.

You may be familiar with the concept of multi-stage filtration. This term is often used to describe the physical attributes of an aquarium filter, such as the interior design of a canister filter. A manufacturer might describe the filter as a 3-stage filter because inside the canister are 3 trays (or “stages”) that can be used for different filtration modalities, the most popular being biological, mechanical, and chemical filtration. 

Understanding the basics of multi-stage filtration is important. Because once you do, you’ll see the unique advantages that Lifegard Aquatics Media Cartridges offer just as crystal clear as your aquarium water will be when using a Lifegard Aquatics HOF. Look closely and you will see that each filter cartridge provides 3-stages of filtration all on its own! Let’s take a closer look:

2-in-1 biological + mechanical filtration: Pores in the sponge are perfectly sized for beneficial bacteria to colonize. A 40-micron removable sponge filter traps large debris.

2-in-1 chemical + biological filtration: Activated carbon removes dangerous toxins. It also creates a safe zone for beneficial bacteria to cultivate and create a natural bio-filter.

Stage :        MECHANICAL

A 20-micron filter pad traps small debris and free-floating particles from aquarium water such as uneaten food, dust, detritus, and other organic waste that fouls water quality.

NOTE: All models use the same size replacement cartridge.

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