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Dangers of non UL Listed electronics

UL (Underwriters Laboratories) is a third-party testing and certification organization that conducts safety testing and certification of products to ensure they meet certain safety standards. UL-listed products have been tested and meet these standards, so purchasing a UL-listed product, such as a heater and water pumps can give you peace of mind that the product has been independently evaluated for safety. Non UL-listed products have not necessarily been through this process, so there is a higher risk that they may not meet the same safety standards.

Many customers have asked - Why should I buy a more expensive UL listed pump or heater instead of a non UL listed pump or heater?

There are several reasons why it is generally a good idea to purchase UL-listed products, including:

Safety: UL-listed products have been tested and certified to meet certain safety standards, which can help reduce the risk of injury or property damage.

Quality: UL-listed products are required to meet certain quality standards, which can help ensure that they are reliable and perform as expected.

Liability: If you use a non UL-listed product and it fails or causes injury or damage, you as a user or seller of the product can be liable for any resulting damages. If you use a UL-listed product and it fails, the manufacturer will have to cover liabilities and will be liable for any damages.

Bottom line – if you are a seller of aquarium products you are putting your business at risk by selling non UL listed products. The liability of damages will come back to you and your business.  

In general, it is generally a good idea to purchase UL-listed products whenever possible to ensure that you are getting a safe and reliable product.

All Lifegard Aquatics pumps, aquarium heaters, lights and UV sterilizers are UL listed or use UL listed parts that have gone through stringent testing and quality checks. Rest assured you are using and supplying high products backed by the manufacturer.

Lifegard UL Listed Quiet One Pump

Lifegard UL Listed Heater

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