Lifegard Rimless Terrarium / Paludarium

SKU: R460096

Lifegard Rimless Terrarium / Paludarium is made with Ultra Low Iron 92% crystal clear glass that allows you to easily combine the elements of natural earth landscapes with exotic underwater environments to make breathtaking displays and arrangements. The use of German glue on the joints makes the corners blend into the structure without restricting the view.

Lifegard is the first company to make terrariums with curved sides. This adds an additional dimension to the look and also adds more depth and viewing area to your setup. This was a difficult task but Lifegard was able to achieve it.

Every Lifegard Terrariums / Paludariums comes with two bulkhead fittings with elbows and a black leveling mat for improved stability and insulations. The two bulkhead fittings and elbows allow connection to an external filter. The two predrilled 30mm holes on the back can be used for plumbing, adding water features or keeping electric cords hidden from coming over the walls. The bulkheads are removable.

Lifegard offers its Terrariums / Paludariums in two models:

R460096 (this item) and R460096-KIT

R460096-KIT Includes:

  • Low iron glass Terrarium / Paludarium
  • 18” High Output Full Spectrum LED light
  • 8” Tall mounting brackets
  • Internal Submersible Filter
  • Custom Flow circulation and spray system parts
  • Two bulkhead fittings
  • Two elbows
  • Leveling insulation mat

R460096 (This item) Includes:

  • Low iron glass Terrarium / Paludarium
  • Two bulkhead fittings
  • Two elbows
  • Leveling insulation mat

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  • 92% Ultra low iron Crystal clear glass
  • High Quality German Silicon 
  • ½” Bulkhead Fittings with Elbows
  • Laser Etched Logo


  • Length: 18.90"
  • Width: 8.86"
  • Front Height: 5"
  • Back Height: 11.54"
  • Top Corner Length: 4.43"
  • Opening Diameter: 30mm
  • Glass thickness: 5mm
  • Volume: 3.6 gallons

NOTE: LED light and filter only comes with the KIT.

Add 18" Full Spectrum LED light: Item R800049

Add 8" LED Light Mounting Brackets: Item R800082


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