2 Gallon Ultra-Low Iron Nano Rimless Cube Tank

SKU: R460094

2 Gallon Nano Cube Low Iron Ultra Clear Glass Tank

These tanks are manufactured with the highest quality 92% Clear Ultra-Low Iron Glass. Compared with regular clear glass, the Low-iron glass, also known as extra-clear glass, provides maximum brightness and clarity with a higher visible light transmittance without adding any green or grey tint to the glass.

Ultra-Low Iron glass increase the flow of natural light, making your aquarium display look much cleaner, clearer and brighter

All Joints are glued with high quality German Aquarium glue for an almost invisible joint for a seamless viewing enjoyment. Every single edges of the glass has been specially treated and sanded, which is smoothed out and safe to touch and hold.

Each aquarium is inspected for high quality and is carefully packed double boxed with foam corners to provide extra protection during transportation.

5mm thick glass

Length:  7.8”  Width: 7.8”  Height: 7.8”

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