Intelli-Feed Automatic Aquarium Fish Feeder with Rechargeable Battery and Moisture-Proof Food Container

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If you would like to keep your fish well-fed throughout the day even when you're not home, you're going to need some help. While family, friends, and neighbors may be willing to lend a hand once in a while, inevitably the time will come when the humans in your life aren't available to save the day.

Fortunately, your friends at Lifegard Aquatics have the perfect solution to ensure you never miss a feeding again: Intelli-Feed, a smart device designed to feed your fish so that you don't have to.

Another thing you won't have to do is buy and replace batteries. Intelli-Feed's rechargeable battery will help save you time, money, and our planet. You also won't be restricted by the length of the power cord, so if you need to mount the feeder on a quarantine tank across the room, you can!

Our automatic fish feeder attaches to your aquarium easily with a tank mount that swivels 360 degrees to make feeding a breeze. You don't have to worry about food floating into your filter before your fish can eat because you decide where to mount the device and the swivel lets you adjust the position to dispense food precisely where you'd like it to go, like far from your overflow and into a feeding ring, for example.

An aquarium should not be a ball and chain that prevents you from ever leaving your home or--gasp!--taking a vacation. High-energy species have high-maintenance feeding requirements. With Intelli-Feed, you won't have to sacrifice your sea life to have a social life. You can depend on the device to deliver food on a set schedule so undersea animals that demand multiple feedings per day will have their dietary requirements met wither you're home or away.

The Intelli-Feed is engineered with intelligent features that make it very easy to use. It allows 4 feedings per day with up to 3 hopper rotations per feeding. Our auto-feeder accepts a variety of prepared foods like pellets, flakes, and freeze-dried delicacies. The food is kept fresh in a sealed moisture-resistant container. The most common mistake most new aquarium owners make is overfeeding. The Intelli-Feed dishes out perfectly proportioned serving sizes whether it's breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Because there are less leftovers left to pollute the environment, the Intelli-Feed can help prevent your nutrient levels from rising due to generous hand-feedings. We promise we won't tell anyone that the secret to your healthy, colorful fish and stable parameters is a robot waiter that costs a lot less than most saltwater fish.

Features That You and Your Fish Will Appreciate

  • • It's so quiet, you won't even know when it's feeding time!
  • • USB rechargeable lithium-ion battery included.
  • • Battery life is easy to monitor. The power level is displayed on a large screen.
  • • Easily add food without removing the hopper or dismantling the feeder. Simply slide open the feeder cover on the top and add food.
  • • The food container (commonly referred to as a hopper) holds 200ml of food.
  • • Feed 1, 2 or 3 times per feed setting and add up to 4 feedings per day at different times. That means the feeder can drop food 1 time to 12 times per day!
  • • Use any type of dry food that fits through the feeder slot like pellets, flakes, • freeze-dried foods, and dried seaweed.
  • • Simple to set up. Easy and convenient to use.
  • • A manual feed button allows you to feed fish yourself whenever you want to.

Transparent Tech Specs to Earn Your Respect

  • • Dimensions: 4.53”L x 3.07”W x 3.66”H
  • • Food Capacity: 7.5ci (200 mL) of dry food
  • • Max Bracket Width: .94 inches
  • • Power Source: Built-in rechargeable lithium battery
  • • Warranty: 12 months

How Intelli-Feed Improves Your Quality of Life (no, seriously!)

  • • It enables you to focus on more important tasks. Spend less time on your aquarium and more time with your loved ones.
  • • Your wet pets will never go hungry when you're busy doing chores, outside running errands, or enjoying yourself on vacation.
  • • You can program the device to feed multiple times per day and the amounts are always consistent which helps reduce waste.
  • • It's super-easy to set up with a large screen so you can see and set settings and respond quickly to alerts like low-battery warnings.
  • • It accepts pellets, flakes, and most freeze-dried foods. Just load it, set it, and forget it!
  • • Fits most aquariums from pico to nano to monster systems with gallons in the triple digits.
  • • It's so resistant to moisture you can use it with other captive aquatic systems like vivariums, terrariums, or ponds!
  • • The Intelli-Feed is an awesome gift for on-the-go aquarists who like to travel and live an active lifestyle.

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★★★★★ 5/1/22
"Super silent operation. Easy to program. Adds a consistent amount of food. The battery lasts forever, too. Great feeder!”
— Justin

★★★★★ 6/18/22
”This works well when you go away on a trip. Your fish will be well fed. We have used this a couple of times when we took trips of 4 days or more.”
— R.L

★★★★★ 1/23/19
"I've used this feeder for three years. It can be fully self-sustaining for up to 35 days. We've taken 15-20 trips since having this feeder. I have tried several feeders. All but this one got clogged up."
— Jgl

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Intelli-Feed Automatic Fish Feeder

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