Scratch Safe Acrylic and Glass Algae Pads 5" x 3" Made in U. S. A.

SKU: K921003
Aquarium Cleaning Supplies

LIFEGARD®All-Purpose Scratch Safe Acrylic and Glass Cleaning Sponge Pads - Made in U. S. A.


Surface friendly Algae Scrub Pads are safe, non-toxic and easy to use for removing line scum, unsightly algae and other deposits that form on aquarium surface. Use it on any hard surface that you don't want scratched i.e. Acrylic, Fine China, Silverware and more.

LIFEGARD® All Purpose Scratch Safe Cleaning Pads:

  • Size: 5.00"x3.00"x0.81" (Pack of 2)
  • Multi-Purpose Cleaning pad - Rinse thoroughly and reuse
  • Scours without scratching and Easy-to-hold
  • Cleans all Teflon and silverstone coated cookware, dishes, and China, counter tops, aluminum and cast iron, enamel and porcelain, Glass Aquariums, appliances, fruits and vegetables, tile, shower door and fixtures, walls, spot cleans carpets, and more
  • Sold in Bulk Pack
  • MADE IN U.S.A.
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