HOF-10 Single Stage Slim Design Hang on Filter for 10 Gallon Tank

SKU: R460101
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The Lifegard Hang-On Filter HOF-10 is a SINGLE stage slim design filter with ONE combination replicable cartridge. Flow rate of 90 GPH provides enough circulation for the recommended tank capacity. It is designed to keep your aquarium water sparkling clean with three full stages of filtration while giving you the ability for surface skimming to remove floating debris. The Filter Cartridge is Three-stages:

Stage 1 – Is a 40 micron removable sponge
Stage 2 – Is Activated Carbon
Stage 3 – Is 20 Micron Filter Pad

  • This hang-on filter is designed to trap large debris at the sponge level that can be removed with periodic cleaning. The activated Carbon removes dangerous toxins and cultivates beneficial bacteria for a healthy environment and finally for fine debris there is a fine Filter pad.
  • Ideal for Freshwater or Saltwater Aquariums
  • The Lifegard Aquatics Hang-On Filter helps to create clean and clear water conditions and a healthy environment for aquatic life to thrive.
  • Provides maximum surface for longer filter cycle
  • Surface skimmer removes floating debris or oil leftover by feeding dry food
  • First stage mechanical sponge filtration effectively traps large debris like uneaten food and other organic materials.
  • Activated carbon for chemical filtration to effectively remove dangerous toxins while encouraging the growth of beneficial bacteria reducing harmful ammonia and phosphate build up.

 The top control system knob lets you slow down the water output, creating a gentle flow to protect delicate fish and plants.

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