2.65 Gallons All in One Betta Tank Kit with UL Listed Heater, Full Spectrum LED Light, Pump, Filter and Algae Pad

SKU: R460053-KIT


LIFEGARD® Elevated Series 2.65 Gallon Crystal™ Aquarium offer an extraordinary manufacturing craftsmanship combined with the 45° ultrahigh precision cut beveled edge bonded with high quality Clear Silicone glue makes it an exceptionally clear aquarium with none to match in the market. With Crystal aquariums you will enjoy the natural and true colors of your fish and aquascape.

Aquarium includes UL Listed Heater, Full Spectrum LED Light, Algae Pad, Low Iron Ultra Clear Beveled Edge Glass, built-in filter with Quiet One Pump, Mechanical Filter, Multi directional jet and Top Drain.

Lifegard Aquatics offers Crystal tanks in three models and several sizes nested one inside the other for ease of shipping and storage.

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