AQUASTEP® Pro 25 Watt UV Sterilizer

Eliminates the spread of disease causing micro-organisms in aquariums and for use inside pond filters or skimmers to kill free floating algae.

AQUASTEP® Pro UV Sterilizer

INTERNAL STEP DESIGN Directs water back and forth across UV light tripling the contact time through the unit.
HANG OR STAND MOLDED DESIGN Flat side allows snug fit to hang on any aquarium or reservoir tank. Molded base enables ease of installation beside or below tank.
HIGH CAPACITY More volume than any other make of equal height due to shape of chamber and step design. Creates more surface area for increased contact time.
VERSATILE Inlet and outlet on top for for hang-on use and also at bottom for below aquarium installations. Use inlet ports on each side to connect multiple units together for any aquarium size requirement.
WATERFALL Increases oxygen level by spreading out a thin sheet of gently falling water.
ADJUSTABLE CLAMP AND ADJUSTMENT SCREWS Spring loaded clamp on top creates snug fit while bottom screws keep unit level when installed in hanging position.
CLEAR VIEW PORT Allows visible light (no UV) to pass through view port and indicate bulb is working.
UV BULB Highest quality pure hard quartz material allows maximum transmission and longer bulb life. End cap wire design drops further into unit for maximum output and keeps heat away from sealing area.
COMPRESSION COUPLING AND GASKET Creates water tight seal at quartz sleeve and around ballast cord.. Unique 4-pin connector allows easy bulb replacement without shutting down system.
ALL PARTS ARE REPLACEABLE It is recommended that UV Bulb and main body housing be replaced annually.
BALLAST 15 watt and 25 watt high output UV listed . (230V 50Hz ballast also available).

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