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LIFEGARD® Turbo Reactors

Anti-clumping design: utilizing a full distribution plate, our reactors give unmatched bio-pellet tumbling and flow distribution. Using a fully perforated specially patterned distribution and return plate, our reactors are high speed yet, gentle as the water comes up in a “vortex” style stream. The “vortex” style stream causes excess agitation to the Bio-pellets and other media hence increasing the media efficiency.

Dimensions Part Numbers
R800125 R800126 R800127 R800128 R800129 R800130
Length 3.15" 4.93" 4.72" 6.30" 7.87" 9.05"
Depth 3.15" 3.15" 4.13" 4.13" 5.66" 6.85"
Height 13.70" 13.38" 15.75" 15.43" 17.60" 19.45"
Pump Size Quiet One Pro 400  Quiet One Pro 400 Quiet One Pro 800 Quiet One Pro 800 Quiet One Pro 1200 Quiet One Pro 4000
Capacity 10 – 75 Gallons 10 – 75 Gallons 75 – 150 Gallons 75 – 150 Gallons 150 – 250 Gallons 250 – 850 Gallons

All Turbo reactors are built on the smallest possible footprint while providing the maximum efficiency and flow. The Nano reactor is only 2.15″ wide, this little reactor packs a good punch in effectively controlling and removing your Nitrates, Phosphates, slime algae and other nuisance algae. It can hold a up to 250ML of bio-pellets giving you an aquarium capacity of 10 – 75 Gallons (depending on your bio-load). Yet it can still fit into an aquarium as small as our 5G, 7G Nano aquarium systems.

BIO PALLETS are specially formulated media designed to promote the growth of Nitrate and Phosphate reducing bacteria and associated Enzymes. They are suitable for all types of Marine and Freshwater Aquaria. Bio Pellets work by encouraging the growth of bacteria and enzymes on their surface. The process growing bacteria and enzymes on the Bio Pellets takes time. It depends on how established is the aquarium. Patience is necessary. Shutting down the Reactor will reduce or even destroy the Nitrifying bacteria and enzymes. Over time the Bio Pallets may reduce in size or even disappear. It is recommended to add new Bio Pallets once this is noticed.

Instructions -TURBO Reactor Nano -Top Flow- R800125

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