BALLAST FOR 3" Diameter - Germicidal UV - 25, 40 Watts

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BALLAST FOR 3" Diameter - Germicidal UV - 25, 40 Watts

Ballast operated Pro Max UV R450105 and R450106

The new ballast in the black housing is: Water Resistant IP64 Rating.  Suitable for Indoor or Outdoor Use and UL Listed

Caution:  Do not submerge in Water

This Ballast has a Red and Green indicator light.

Green = UV Bulb is operating fine

Red = UV Bulb is off or water damage and not operational


Power output: 25W/ 40W

- Input Voltage: AC from 120V to 277V

- Input Frequency: 60Hz

- Power Factor: 0.99

- Harmonic (THD): on or less than 10%

- Crest Factor: 1.7

- Lamp Start Ignition Method: Preheat - Environmental: -18 Degree to +50 Degree


- Sound Rate A

- Protection:

  1. a) Deactivate Lamp Protection
  2. b) No Lamp Protection
  3. c) Short Circuit Protection
  4. d) Class P for Heating Protection

- Type 1 Outdoor

- No PCB's

- Input power cord, UL SVT105°C VW- 1,18AWGx3C, 1.75m long

- Output wires, UL SVT105°C VW-1, 22AWGx4C, 2m long

- Connector type: A401C03

Black Splash boot with rubber gasket

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