Dragon Wood Large Piece 12" to 16"

Dragon Wood is new to aquascaping and is a unique style of driftwood that looks very similar to Dragon Ohko Stone while the color, texture and tone resemble Malaysian Driftwood. The Physical characteristics that resemble Dragon Ohko Stone include the naturally occurring holes, curves, crevasses and pores. Dragon Wood comes in a several shades of brown colors, ranging from dark brown, light brown and brownish grey. These colors change with exposure to water. Dragon Wood similar to Driftwood change water chemistry such as Ph and hardness but perfectly matches the Dragon Rock landscape.


Dragon Wood usually sinks on its own in 1 to 2 weeks’ time. Some large and x-large pieces will sink faster.

Boiling aquarium driftwood will speed up waterlogging and the release of tannins.

Tannins leeched from wood will provide a natural tint to water, but will gradually dissipate based on the frequency of water changes.

Lifegard Dragon Wood is 100% natural stone. 


Lifegard also offers Dragon Wood in a mix size box of 4 to 6 pieces ranging from 4” to 14”:

SMALL: 4" - 6"

MEDIUM: 5" - 8"

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