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In pursuit of perfection Lifegard Aquatics offers two aquariums tiers The Crystal® Line and Clear Glass Line designed to fit any look and budget.

Crystal® tank line is the latest technology in Low Iron Ultra Clear glass with high precision mitered 45° beveled edge tanks with invisible glue joint. Crystal tanks are rimless and made of highest quality ultra-low iron glass which allows the viewer an undisturbed viewing of their underwater masterpiece.

Clear Glass tank line is manufactured to the highest quality with Ultra Clear glass and precision cut edge bonded with high quality Clear Silicone glue makes it an exceptionally clear aquarium with none to match in the market. With Clear Glass tanks you will enjoy the natural and true colors of your fish and aquascape.

All LIFEGARD® AQUATICS aquariums are made with non-tempered glass and can be drilled. We recommend using the services of a professional glass shop who has the experience of cutting holes in the glass to avoid any accidents.

NOTE: Currently we only sell Lid Clips for all our aquariums but we don't have any Lids. You can get the lid clips from here and get a custom lid made at any glass / window repair store. 

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